7 Apps That Helps You To Monitor Your Sleep

There are some applications that can be downloaded to the cell phone and that serve to monitor sleep and that can serve as information to eventually consult a doctor with concrete data on the quality of rest that is obtained.

1. Sleep Time

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The application allows you to have a record of the hours of sleep. It recommends when to go to sleep according to the time to get up and, in this sense, it is possible to have a history of how this activity was throughout the days.

2. Sleep as Android

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This platform, which, as its name suggests, is only available for Android, allows you to track sleep cycles, obtain a historical graph of rest, as well as sleep deficiency and snoring statistics. It supports Pebble SmartWatch sleep tracking.

3. Sleep Cycle

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Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that keeps track of their sleep patterns and wakes up the user when he is going through a stage of light sleep so that his rest is not interrupted. It also offers detailed daily sleep charts and sleeps statistics.

4. Sleep ++

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This platform uses the motion and health monitoring capabilities of the Apple Watch to measure both the duration and quality of your sleep. It can be used in manual mode, in which case it will be necessary to enter the time when you went to sleep and when you woke up; or activate the automatic mode, for which it will be necessary to use the Apple Watch to sleep.

5. AutoSleep

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The app monitors the quality of sleep and will send a notification to the user with this information the next morning when they unlock their iPhone or put on the watch. An interesting point is that AutoSleep can monitor sleep even when the smartwatch is not used to sleep. When the user places the watch to charge at night, the system will identify that the user is going to rest and the next morning, when putting on the smartwatch or activating the iPhone, AutoSleep will interpret that the user woke up. In this case, the number of hours of rest will be analyzed.

If, on the other hand, the smartwatch is used to sleep, the app will offer a more detailed analysis in which the quality of sleep will be evaluated taking into account not only the number of hours but also the heart rate and its variations during rest.

6 PrimeNap: Dream Tracking

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PrimeNap allows to identify and monitor the user’s sleep patterns. It also has an alarm clock function and offers a list of relaxing music for bedtime.

7. RoncoLab

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RoncoLab allows you to record, measure and monitor snoring. This information can be useful to take to the doctor when making a medical consultation. Snoring occurs when breathing is partially obstructed when sleeping. This can happen because there is nasal congestion, an anatomical variation of the nose or it can be a symptom of an underlying disorder such as sadness, which can be risky.

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