Instagram releases links in stories for more users.

Instagram is testing a new solution for the inclusion of links in stories. Instead of the traditional drag up. The app can allow users to redirect their followers to external pages using a sticker. The novelty would be valid for any profile on the social network, but the tests still cover a small number of people.

Instagram links in stories
Links in Instagram Stories (Image: Disclosure)

Currently, the drag-up function is limited to verified accounts or accounts with more than 10,000 followers, which leads users with lower popularity on the social network to opt for other solutions, such as link aggregators that can be placed in the bio.

Linktree, one of the most popular tools in this medium, raised more than $45 million in investments at the beginning of the year, following high popularity due to the pandemic and the increase in online shopping. But its use within Instagram will be gradually replaced if the stickers with links become a tool available to everyone on the platform.

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Stickers must be the future of links on Instagram

The stickers would have an additional advantage to “drag up”: the new tool would allow stories to continue receiving responses — which does not happen in the feature present on Instagram today.

According to the Instagram head of product Vishal Shah, in response to The Verge, “This is the kind of future system that [the platform] would like to have.” The idea of ​​the test is to learn how people can take advantage of links within the app. The company must analyze what types of links are posted, with increased attention to spam and misinformation.

Shah says there are no plans to bring the links to the feed or even another part of Instagram — with Reels or IGTV — at least for now. There is no prediction when (and if) Instagram will implement the stickers with links for all users.

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