Discord changes its logo and introduces audio rooms

Credit: Discord

Discord,  the social app for video games and themed rooms, celebrates its sixth anniversary this week and has taken the opportunity to present new features and give more details about the next incorporation of audio chat channels similar to Clubhouse starting next month.

This new feature will be called  Stage Channels, and thanks to the Stage Discovery function, it will take advantage of intelligent learning machine learning technology to select those audio chat channels whose subject matter is of greatest interest to the user. You can listen to the channel directly from the feed and access it to participate actively or also join the community that the channel is part of.

When it goes live on June 1, Discord will add a new Stage Channels icon to the main toolbar of the mobile app and the main menu of the desktop version.

Discord advises that the use of offensive language in titles and descriptions will not be allowed on Stage Channels voice channels, in addition to sexually graphic or explicit content will be prohibited. There is also a procedure to report channels that violate these rules of use, in addition to having a team of moderators.

Additionally, these voice channels may be monetized by their administrators, as in the Clubhouse, with the possibility of charging for access to them. This feature will begin testing with an initial group of 50 or so US content creators. Other novelties are the new feature that groups conversations in threads and that will begin to be available this summer, being fully implemented before the end of the year.

Last but not least, Discord has taken advantage of its sixth birthday to present its new logo, with some very subtle changes, in which the game console remote control has been slightly redesigned (which, by the way, is called de Clyde) that represents this messaging platform born as a meeting point for the gamer community that already welcomes more than 150 million active users every month.

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