Clubhouse android announces the global launch.

Clubhouse android
Credit: Clubhouse

Clubhouse for Android is already among us, although it was launched that way because it is only available in the US and under the condition of having an invitation from someone who is already in their chats. But hey, it’s more than what we had a month ago when everyone was speculating if it would end up reaching the Google OS.

So, after that first, and limited release, rumors quickly spread like wildfire about possible dates on which the social network would end up being available for Android phones on the rest of the planet. And it has been the official accounts of the Americans that this past weekend, yesterday, offered a calendar of events.

Worldwide this week

Thus, Clubhouse seems to be in a hurry to bring its application to the largest number of territories as soon as possible, given the desire of the competition to remove users by proposing similar alternatives in their respective Android apps. This is the case with Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc. But as we have said, the counterattack seems close with a launch of just three days that will affect everyone.

So much so that in the official Clubhouse Twitter account that compressed and ambitious agenda can be read: Japan (technically it will be late today), Brazil, and Russia received their Android application on Tuesday. On Friday morning users from Nigeria and India will get their access to the app; and finally, a few hours later on the same day, in the afternoon, it will reach the rest of the planet.

Remember that the messages do not indicate anything that Clubhouse will be open to access and start chatting after creating a user. This is so because the invitation format very possibly continues, for which it is necessary for someone who is already within the social network to send us a link to access. Of course, if you are clear that you plan to use it when possible, we recommend you download it when it is available to wait and, very importantly, to reserve your username. This detail is relevant because in Clubhouse the first and last names are used, and there can only be one user who is called a certain way, the rest must variations with initials, etc. So pay attention, the time has come.

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