WWDC 2021: Apple should focus on privacy


Apple has been a hot topic in recent weeks for two reasons. First of all, its firm stance on privacy, which raised Facebook’s feathers and was briefly called into question by the launch of AirTags.

The other hot topic is Epic Games’ epic lawsuit against the company over monopoly allegations, notably on the Apple App Store. During its WWDC 2021 which begins on Monday, Apple is expected to directly address one of these two topics and it will not be about responding to complaints from developers about this monopoly.

Privacy is a topic that is close to Apple’s heart and one which, as it has proven, can be quite lucrative and profitable, especially in terms of brand loyalty. The application tracking transparency policy, which has sparked controversy among advertisers and advertising platforms, was just the tip of the iceberg and Bloomberg reports that Apple has a lot more to reveal in the coming days about the application. private life.

According to the report, Apple will introduce some kind of dashboard where users can see in-depth what data third-party apps are collecting.

Some might note that, as always, Apple’s top apps get special treatment. iOS and iPadOS are also expected to have a new “status” feature that will allow users to set what they do so that notifications are handled differently depending on whether you’re working, driving, or even sleeping.

New features for the iPad

The iPad will also benefit from non-privacy features, mainly around home screen widgets. The next version of iPadOS would allow users to place these informative widgets anywhere on the screen, like on Android. The iPad would also have better multitasking features, which is a radical change of course from the vision the platform has had from the start.

While details are still scarce, Bloomberg also claims that Apple’s messaging will benefit from a few important updates. Considering that messaging platforms have been under scrutiny lately, especially when it comes to privacy, it’s no surprise that Apple is touting Messages as the only messaging platform you won’t have. never need or want. Of course, as long as you have an Apple product in your hands 

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