Does New Apple watch? Don’t miss out on these tricks!

New apple watch

Here are my Top 6 things you can do with your Apple Watch that you suddenly don’t know:

Unlock your Mac with Apple watch

Ah! The magic of the ecosystem and the wonders of Continuity functionality are reflected in this functionality for the Apple Watch.

If you have a Mac (mid-2013 or later) with macOS 10.13 or later, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock it when it wakes from a sleep state. What it has to do? Get closer to your Mac with the unlocked Apple Watch and go!

To activate the option, follow the instructions in this link.

Unlock your iPhone with Apple watch

If you have an iPhone with a Face ID you will know that it does not work to unlock the device if you are wearing a mask, face mask, sunglasses, or anything that obstructs your face. But if you have an Apple Watch you can use it to unlock the device.

How does it work? In the morning, before leaving home, you probably put on your Apple Watch and unlock it (or it is unlocked when you unlock your phone with FaceID). As long as you don’t remove your Apple Watch, it can validate your identity throughout the day when you need it.

If you try to unlock your iPhone with FaceID and it recognizes that you have part of your face covered, the system will validate your identity with your Apple Watch and unlock the iPhone on the first attempt. To do this, the iPhone and Apple Watch must be close together and not separate in the next minute.

To configure this option, follow this link.

Authenticate and approve the use of keys & credit cards

If you use Keychain as your password manager and enter a page from your Mac that asks for your username and password, you can use your Watch to authenticate and approve its use without having to manually enter the password. All with a couple of touches.

The same for credit card autofill.

This is super useful if you have a Mac / MacBook that does not include Touch ID and in which you have to enter the key to generate this authentication. To activate Keychain, follow this link.

Fall detection can save your life

The fall detection of the Apple Watch has saved more than one life and is one of the most interesting features of the Watch. The system uses several of the watch’s sensors and a system of algorithms to detect movements or bumps that are consistent with those of when a person falls.

In that case, the watch will ask if it is okay. If you do not respond or respond that you need help, the watch will call your local emergency services and send a message to your emergency contacts indicating that you have had an accident and your location.

To configure fall detection, follow this link and to configure your emergency contacts and medical record, follow this other.

Take a picture

No. Your Apple Watch does not have a camera. But it can be used as your iPhone’s camera shutter.

To do this, put the iPhone from where you want to take the photo and open the camera application. On your Apple Watch select the Camera Control application and you will see the image your phone is focusing on as well as a shutter and a button with 3 dots.

In the latter, you can select if you want to use a timer (3 seconds), which camera you want to use, if you want to use flash, HDR, and the model of the Live photo of iOS.

To take the photo, simply press the shutter, and voila! You no longer have to run or ask a third party to take your photo.

Take your music everywhere

You can stream Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Audiobooks directly from your Apple Watch, as long as it is connected to the internet (via Wi-Fi or a data plan, if that’s the case) but did you know that you can download songs, books, and episodes to your watch to have them available even if your iPhone is not nearby and you are not connected to the Internet?

The watch can store about a thousand songs, which it will play through a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. To download the songs, podcasts or audiobooks follow the instructions in this link.

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