MacBook Air: an M2 chip and new colors for 2022

Apple’s next laptops continue to be talked about on the web. Today, the MacBook Air is at the center of discussions with the arrival of a new model in 2022. Among the radical changes, we should find a redesigned design, but above all an Apple M2 chip as well as a multitude of colors to like this year’s iMac M1s.

Macbook Air 2022

The MacBook Air 2022 promises great things

Throughout the year, Apple is always talking about its projects, whether by announcing new products like the iMac M1 or AirTags or by launching its new operating systems ( iOS 15, macOS Monterey ). In addition to official presentations, the Apple brand is indirectly talking about it through incessant rumors around its future projects. At the last news, we learned of the arrival of the new MacBook Pro 14 ″ and 16 ″ in September 2021.

Now is the time for MacBook Air, According to informant Dylandkt, the next model would benefit from an M2 chip and would arrive during the first half of 2022. It would thus only concern devices from the Apple catalog intended for the general public. An announcement during March thus seems logical if we compare the previous products announced during the last Apple keynotes. He also points out that the laptop will benefit from several colors, as announced by Jon Prosser recently. Get ready to welcome green, blue, purple, pink, orange, and yellow variations of this ultra-portable computer.

Subsequently, the leaker clarified that the M1X chips would not be reserved for this generation, but rather for the next Macs benefiting from the “Pro” label. This chip would be engraved in 5 nm and would reduce the energy consumption of this component thanks to TSMC’s N5P process. The first models taking advantage should be presented during the fall of 2021. One thing is certain, the next six months will allow us to understand the strategy undertaken by Apple on the processors of its laptops and desktops.

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