iPhone 13 Pro could boast a 1TB storage capacity

iPhone 13 Pro could boast a 1TB storage capacity

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 pro

If you use your iPhone for business purposes, or if you have many applications, you’ll need plenty of storage space. While iPhone 12 models have a capacity of 512GB, some iPhone 13 could double that capacity to reach a whopping 1TB volume.

This rumor emanates from the YouTube channel FrontPageTech, which claims in a video that the iPhone 13 Pro (and probably also Pro Max) is tested in 1TB configurations. The channel says they’re just prototypes at the moment, so it’s something Apple is testing, but it’s not confirmed that we’ll see such storage capacity in an iPhone this year.

It should be noted that Jon Prosser, the head of the YouTube channel, has previously provided erroneous information, so take this new information with tweezers.

If the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max smartphones had 1TB storage capacity, they would be even more useful for professionals who use their smartphones as part of their work. For example, photographers or videographers who use iPhones — for example for mobile journalism, photography, or other things — will be able to store twice as many images or photos on their smartphones.

These users can currently use cloud storage or external drives to extend memory, but some people may prefer a solution on the device.

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Most iPads don’t even reach 1TB, the only exception being the iPad Pro range. So it’s curious that Apple is bringing this high storage capacity to its smartphones instead of its entry-level and mid-range tablets.

We are waiting for the launch of the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S series by the end of 2021 and we will have to wait until then to see if this rumor of 1TB storage is correct. However, before that, we will hear a lot of leaks and rumors about Apple’s future iPhone rang.

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