iPhone 13 can bring Touch ID digital reader

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iPhone 13 can bring Touch ID digital reader under the screen

Rumors that Apple has been working on a Touch ID digital reader under the screen have been circulating for some time. By 2021, they should finally come true with the iPhone 13, which will offer functionality along with Face ID. However, the planned solution for the mobile phone is slightly different from that which was used on phones like the Galaxy S21.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which has heard sources close to Apple, the company works on a digital reader under the screen and is studying to offer both Touch ID and Face ID on its next smartphone. A few days ago, Bloomberg also reported that the company intends to merge the solutions on the iPhone 13.

Apple intends to use a fingerprint reader with an optical sensor. The model captures the digital by emitting a small light in the reader region and then comparing it to the saved record. The company estimates that it is more reliable than the ultrasonic sensor, presenting phones such as the Galaxy S21.

The WSJ also highlighted the fact that Apple follows some Samsung trends on its phones and vice versa. While the Galaxy accompanied the iPhone on items such as dual camera, Face ID, end of headphone entry, and the removal of the charger from the pack, the reverse movement also happened.

Apple introduced water-resistant iPhones and wireless charging, for example, after Samsung. In general, these movements happen at intervals of no more than three generations. In the case of the digital reader under the screen, it arrived at the Galaxy S10, remained on the Galaxy S20, and has now received improvements in the Galaxy S21.

Apple has a new head of hardware engineering

iPhone 13 with reader under the screen

The expectation of an iPhone with a digital reader under the screen has been around for a long time. In 2019, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for advancing Apple’s plans, said the company would offer the option in the 2021 model. At the time, he stated that the company would use a version of a Qualcomm system.

The tests of the built-in reader on the screen occur since before the launch of the iPhone 12. The information was released at the time by Bloomberg, which pointed out the possibility of the solution being postponed to the 2021 model. That’s because Apple vendors would have already been able to integrate the player into the device, but they couldn’t achieve mass production on time.

Apple will launch its new smartphone only in the second half, but there is already information about the planned changes. The company should use the screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate on iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max and make improvements to the ultrawide camera. The models are expected to be released in September.

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