The iPhone 12 now comes in a purple colour

Iphone 12 purple
Source; Apple

Although the announcements were elsewhere, Apple revealed a new iPhone at its spring 2021 event. This new iPhone is not the long-awaited iPhone 13, but simply a new colourway of Apple’s current flagship. The iPhone 12 will now be available in purple. And that’s about it.

This new purple iPhone 12 is supposed to evoke “elements of sophistication and brightness,” according to Tim Cook. But, it is surprising that this iPhone was not revealed just before Easter given the colouring.

The new colour is now available as an option on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini – but not on the iPhone 12 Pro. It offers a glossy look analogous to the other colour options on the iPhone 12, and frankly, it looks great alongside the other bright and fun colours that the iPhone 12 has to offer.

As a reminder, the iPhone 12 represented a big change for the iPhone series in both design and features. The series offers a flat-rimmed look similar to that of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 series, but with a more modern edge-to-edge display and a larger camera module. Under the hood, the iPhone 12 offers the Apple A14 processor, which is the most powerful chip to ship in an iPhone to date.

The iPhone 12 also opened up new avenues for the iPhone in other ways. Notably, the series is the first iPhone series to offer 5G connectivity, and while it probably won’t make a drastically different experience yet, it will when 5G becomes more widespread. The iPhone 12 also has a stunning new OLED display. Apple is no stranger to OLED technology – but previously this technology was limited to “Pro” iPhones like the iPhone 11 Pro. OLED displays offer deeper black levels and can help improve battery life.

The same price as the others of iPhone 12 purple

This new iPhone will not be priced differently from the rest of the iPhone 12 lineup. It will simply be purple. This device should be available in all places you would normally buy an iPhone, at the same price, within a week. You might even find the purple iPhone in your local Apple Store by the end of the week. The iPhone 12 series comes at a decent price, at least compared to other flagship smartphones of the time. The device costs 909 euros for the standard iPhone 12 or 809 euros for the smaller iPhone 12 mini.

It’s a bit surprising to see a “new” iPhone today. It doesn’t quite match how Apple has revealed its smartphones, tablets, and computers in the past. It’s almost like they’ve created a new colour for this iPhone that’s already on the market specifically to be able to put that iPhone in a new colour in their stores so that they look like they have a new iPhone.

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