iOS 15 could come with a redesign of notifications

iOS 15 Notification
Credit- Apple

The upcoming iPhone 13 slated for fall will arrive alongside a new operating system that will also be available for older smartphones, and according to an informant, there’s a chance Apple is planning enough updates. important in the future.

Called iOS 15, the next operating system update is likely to come with some dark mode UI changes, according to Connor Jewiss on Twitter. You should know that the information is not coming from a reliable informant with solid experience in Apple news, so take all of this with a grain of salt for now.

However, the Dark Mode improvements haven’t been detailed, so it remains to be seen what the Informant refers to. Still, he claims that further improvements are planned for the Messages app as well, but that’s not necessarily something totally surprising given that Apple has refined Messages pretty much every time new versions of iOS are released. exits.

But what’s more interesting is that the informant claims that iOS 15 would also introduce “new notification settings and a new look on the lock screen

While no further details were provided, a redesign of the notification system would certainly help, especially since previous reports have indicated that Apple will be working on more customization options based on current activity or time.

IOS 15 preview at WWDC

As for the devices that will receive iOS 15, there is a chance that Apple will drop the iPhone 6s, so in theory only iPhone 7s and newer would receive the update for the new operating system. But of course, this has yet to be confirmed, although the change would make sense given that the iPhone 6s has already received so many OS updates since its launch.

Apple is likely to give us a first look at iOS 15 at the WWDC event in June, so more information should be made official in the coming days.

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