How to disable automatic music download on Apple Watch

Apple music

Apple’s music platform, Apple Music, has a series of features aimed at integrating the iPhone with the Apple Watch, which naturally is very good for its users. However, there is one feature that may not suit everyone: the automatic download of recent music.

Depending on your watch model, you may not have the space to download – or simply don’t want to – all the songs, albums, and playlists that were recently played in your Apple Music Library on your Mac or iPhone to your Apple Watch. Therefore, you can disable this function and leave to manually download only the playlists, albums, or songs that interest you.

See how to disable automatic downloading of your Apple Music to your Apple Watch, and also learn how to manually download whatever you interested in:

Step 1: With the watch on your wrist, enter the iPhone Watch app. Then enter the “Music” section.

Step 2: Disable the Apple Music Automatic Music Download option on your Apple Watch.

Step 3: To manually download some music, album, or playlist from your Apple Music Library, click on the big “+” icon or click on “Add Music” on the same screen as in the previous step.

Step 4: Browse your Apple Music Library for what you want to download on your Apple Watch.

Step 5: Once you find what you are looking for, click the “+” icon at the top right of the screen to download it.

Step 6: Upon returning to the main screen, you will see the playlists, albums, and songs you have selected to download list. The Apple Watch will start downloading as soon as it is connected to the power source and close to your iPhone.

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