The 5 most absurd features of Apple’s new processor

The M1 set the bar high, destroying the benchmarks for processing power/power consumption on the market. But it was only the beginning.

One year after the launch of the first Apple Silicon processor for computers, Apple comes with 2 new versions that promise to be unrivaled and that meet the needs of the brand’s professional users. The M1 Pro and M1 Max are quite simply powerful. How much? I summarize it with these 5 characteristics:

Features of Apple's new processor

1 – The number of transistor

While the M1 has 16 billion transistors, the M1 Pro has 33.7 billion and the M1 Max 57,000,000,000. All under a 5nm architecture.

2 – Processing capacity

Both chips come with a 10-core CPU (the M1 has 8) but the performance level is something else. According to Apple, the M1 Pro offers 70% more performance than the M1. 70% !!!! In a processor that is already much more powerful than comparable Intel or AMD processors.

While the M1 comes with up to 8 cores in its GPU, the M1 Pro can incorporate up to 16 and the M1 Max up to 32 cores. The M1 Pro is twice as fast as the M1 and the M1 Max 4x. So if your thing is the handling of graphics and video and augmented reality, these processors will make you very happy.

3 – Support for external screens

The M1 Pro can support up to 2 external displays while the M1 Max can manage up to 4. And they are not HD displays; We are talking about 4K capable monitors.

4 – Power consumption

The new processors are 1.7 more powerful than the high-end processors available in notebooks from other brands and consume 70% less power. And at the graphics management level, the capacity ratio is 7x maintaining the same marginal consumption.

5 – Battery life

We have already told you about our experience with battery life on the 13 ″ MacBook Pro M1  and how the company came to think it was a bug in the measurement software. Well, those results pale in comparison to what the M1 Pro and M1 Max promise to deliver.

According to Apple, the 16 “MacBook Pro offers 21 hours of video playback while the 14″ offers 17 hours. If you have a 16 ″ MacBook Pro with an Intel processor, you will receive an additional 10 hours to what you have been experiencing.

Ah! and both teams now include a fast-charging model with which you can fill 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes.

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