Apple Watch will soon have a diabetes sugar sensor

Apple watch

Apple Watch, the famous health-oriented connected watch from Apple, will continue to improve in the years to come. After adding an oximeter and an ECG, the Cupertino giant wants to integrate a sensor capable of measuring the level of sugar in the blood of users. With this in mind, Apple has partnered with a British start-up called Rockley Photonics. 

Oriented health and fitness, the Apple Watch already embeds a host of sensors to monitor the body of its wearer. Apple has included an EKG, heart monitor, fall detection tool, and oximeter to measure the level of oxygen in the blood. According to a patent, the American giant is also developing a tool capable of measuring the blood pressure of users.

Unsurprisingly, Apple does not intend to stop there. Mirroring Samsung, the Californian company wants its connected watch to be able to measure the blood sugar level of its wearer. To achieve this, Apple recently joined forces with Rockley Photonics, a UK-based company, 


Rockley Photonics IPO documents, submitted to the SEC (the US federal body for regulating and monitoring financial markets), indeed show that Apple is one of the start-up’s most important clients.

The blood sugar measurement sensor would first allow Apple to appeal to people with diabetes. According to WHO figures, 420 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. 

The technology developed by Rockley Photonics is not confined to blood sugar measurement. “Our products are designed for medical measurements, including blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose and alcohol monitoring devices, pulse oximetry and near,” notes Rockley Photonics in the document submitted to the SEC. The Apple Watch could eventually carry a sensor capable of informing its wearer about its blood alcohol level.

Apple being a major customer of Rockley Photonics, we can expect the start-up’s sensors to be quickly integrated into products. All eyes are obviously on the Apple Watch Series 7, which is scheduled for release sometime in September 2021. We will tell you more about the future connected watch as soon as possible.

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