Apple vs Samsung, the battle of the tops

The iPhone 12 and Samsung S21 are definitely the phones of the moment, but which is the best? In a fierce battle, we went to make a mistake.

Samsung vs Apple, 21 vs 12. On the one hand the leader of the Android pack, on the other the head of the Apple gang. In a face to face who wins? It was what we tried to discover, with certainty, however, tastes are not discussed and, in the end, the choice will never be exclusively rational. Fortunately, both smartphones are extraordinary and so, above all, it is interesting to understand which one works best for you. It is not enough to make a comparison of the technical characteristics (even because there are already several sites that do, such as GSMArena ) or talk about the benchmark results of processors. It is essentially a matter of doing a practical analysis of the differences and realizing their advantages and defects. For example, for those who value photos in great detail, in macro, or with a very large zoom the choice should be obvious – and fall on the Korean brand device. In these two chapters – Zoom and Macro – there is not even discussed. For those who prefer to take portraits, the dedicated mode on the iPhone’s camera wins out. In fact, the difference is much smaller, we exaggerated (only) a little to use the pun.

But let’s leave the cameras aside – for now – and let’s look at the design of these two phones first, as they are quite different. The iPhone, for example, no longer has rounded sides and has a smooth bezel, as has not been seen since the times of the 4 and 5. Defenders say it looks better this way, detractors complain that it does not facilitate handling. In the case of Galaxy, the most distinctive feature is the solution found to house the various lenses, a prominent block that merges on the side of the phone, very different from the usual solution. On the other hand, Samsung decided to save on the simpler version, which instead of having the rear on the same Corning Gorilla Glass Victus as the Plus (+) and Ultra (and the front screen itself) is in plastic, which gives it a less premium airAhead, the notch of the iPhone remains very visible, and that of the Samsung more discreet. Both screens occupy almost the entire front and the quality is excellent in all points (resolution, contrast, brightness, etc.).

Apple vs Samsung battle
(Image source: Samsung)

Samsung does, however, offer a higher refresh rate. By definition, it is at 60 Hz, just like on the iPhone, but there is a possibility to increase it to 120 Hz, creating an incredibly fluid visualization. They leave it to save battery but to play games, watch movies or even if you have the most tired eyes, this doubling of the screen refresh rate will make a big difference. And by the way, speaking of the battery, Samsung also presents powerful arguments here: 4000 or 5000 mAh, compared to the iPhone 2815 and 3687. The difference is never quite as great as the rawness of the numbers would suggest, but it turns out to be enough at the end of a day of intense activity: some get there, the other “neem”. This is especially true for the smallest iPhone. 

Apple vs Samsung

On the other hand, if you can get it to work at night, then know that in poor lighting conditions you have a more competent machine, capable of presenting much more natural results. Yes, we have already returned to the subject of photography. In more shaky situations, however, just the opposite is true since the optical stabilization of Samsung prevents many more blurry photos than that of the iPhone.

That is, in the end, for each Ying there is always a Yang and even in cases where one stands out the other is never far behind. Even in the defects and if Apple surprised to leave out the charger box and headphones, Samsung did the same. In this case, it even fell into the slot for microSD cards, which allowed to expand of the memory. They say, in the case of chargers, that the goal is to save the environment, and in the case of SD cards to avoid problems of performance and system stability, but without using much imagination it is also possible to realize the financial advantages. After all, a shipper costs to produce and it is better to sell some than to offer many. Just as they cannot add the value of an SD card slot to the price of the phone, but they can certainly sell a few more gigabytes of memory. The planet wins, yes, but these two giants even more. 

Apple vs Samsung

At least Samsung took almost 200 euros off the entry-level model price, compared to the previous S20. Not surprisingly, Apple also has a cheaper model, the iPhone 12 mini. That is, the two smartphones remain among the most expensive on the market, but now it is easier to purchase one. Thus, Apple’s offer starts on a Mini (5.4 ” screen, 64 GB) for 829 euros and goes up to 1629 euros for the most expensive of the 12 Pro Max (6.7 ” screen, 512 GB). Samsung’s starts with an S21 of 879.90 euros (6.2 ” screen, 128GB) and goes up to 1,469.90 euros for the S21 Ultra (512 GB, 6.8 ” screen). Between the two limits there are numerous variants and models, but all, including the cheapest, come with 5G modules. On this side, the future is guaranteed.

What do you think? Are you ready to change your operating system or don’t you even want to hear about it and will your new smartphone always be an upgrade from the previous model?

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