The Apple car project is not what you think

This was an interesting week for Project Titan, the project under which Apple would be developing a car.

First, we saw some designs of what the Apple car would supposedly look like made by the Vanarama team, based on different patents that Apple has filed over the years. You can see the model in 360 by following this link, but here are several of the images to give you an idea:

Nice retro, right? The truth is that I did not write about the subject the day the designs came out because, in addition to looking very ugly to me, I think that beyond an interesting AutoCAD exercise this design has no foundation whatsoever.

It is like a collage of patents without context, without understanding where the transportation market is going, and without understanding the trends that are changing the concept of what a “car” will be. Think, for a moment, what happened to music players or cell phones and after the launch of the iPod and iPhone. Go back in time and watch the radical change in design, interface, and usage model.

I bring up these designs because this morning I woke up to a ton of articles based on a report by Bloomberg’s highly connected Mark Gurman revealing that the company has accelerated work on the new “device” intending to have it on the market by 2025 under the new leadership of Kevin Lynch who, in addition to leading the A software, would be pushing towards an autonomous vehicle model that does not require human intervention for its operation.

Something more like the “cars” of Zoox or Canoo and less like a Tesla or the horrible design of Vanarama. Vehicles that users can use under a subscription, service model, via an application, and not that people buy and have parked 87% of the time.

Zoox vehicle / Apple car
The Zoox Autonomous Vehicle

About Canoo Apple hired Ulrich Kranz, one of its co-founders (and who also worked at BMW for the launch of the i3 and i8) in the middle of this year.

The rumors seem to have been well received by investors who have pushed the share price to its all-time high, with the growth of more than 6% just this week.

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