Apple explains why AirTag is not suitable for spying on people

Source; Apple

Apple does not recommend using the smart AirTag to track people. Clarifications to the scenarios for using the gadget were released by the company itself.

Kayan Drance, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Marketing, said the tag was created with the strictest privacy practices. The gadget is protected at the hardware level from intentional surveillance.

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If you try to track the user’s location using an AirTag that does not belong to him, the iPhone signals that a foreign tag has appeared next to him. If AirTag has not synchronized with the tethered smartphone for several days, then it will start beeping quite loudly. Also, Apple does not recommend that parents monitor their children with this beacon, advising you to use the geolocation feature on your Apple Watch.

A new device for Apple, which is designed to simplify the search for things and objects was presented at the spring presentation of the company. In India, the tag will cost ₹3,190 per item.

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